The roads between the trees and flower beds at Beveridge Park were mainly used for motor cycle racing but in the early 50s 500cc cars were raced.

The legendary Ken Tyrrell is seen here in his F3 Cooper in 1953 at Beveridge Park in Kirkcaldy. Ken was second in his first heat and then first in one of the finals. Although a successful driver Ken realised his talents lay in the running of racing teams and in 1960 he formed the Tyrrell Racing Organisation. Jackie Stewart won the F1 World Championship driving for Tyrrell in 1969 and again in 1971 when Tyrrell also won the F1 Constructors Championship.


Tyrrell in his distinctive crouched position. 1953 Beveridge Park

Tyrrell. 1953 Beveridge Park.

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Beveridge Park start

Charles Headland fights to control his car.............

.........before it hits the trees. Beveridge Park today is almost unchanged from the 1950s
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