"...to see Tom leave the start was worth the entrance money alone. After clenching his teeth he set off with wheels spinning and the car weaving from side to side while the driver gingerly stretched out to change to second, only to snatch the steering wheel again as the car started to writhe under power. It takes a brave man to drive such a monster up the "Rest".

Motor World July 1956


Rest and Be Thankful 1957

Tom Dryver in his De Havilland ATN special.

This is a later version of the special. It was still fitted with a De Havilland aircraft engine, however it had now been turned upside down from the inverted aircraft installation. The exhausts now pointing upwards.

The car provided an exciting spectacle at hill climbs. The considerable full power of the vehicle was developed at very low revs and Dryver's technique was to employ short bursts of power followed by periods of coasting.

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