AC. OPG 192

1951 RAC Rally. Rest and be Thankful

This photograph has prompted some discussion regarding the accuracy of the date.

Over the years some films in the collection have been wrongly catalogued. We try our best to get things accurate so we set about verifying the date of this photo as it is obviously of interest to AC enthusiasts.

As we couldn't find an entry list with competitor numbers the next source of reference is the Autosport Report on the 1951 Rally. Cars photographed in the magazine matched those in Bill's roll of film. The most distinctive match was an Austin Sheerline drophead, number 75 (top left). This confirms our photo of OPG 192 is from 1951.

We then checked the 1952 RAC rally report photos in Autosport. The weather this year was very wet. Cars and numbers in Bill's 1952 film match those in the magazine. The Porsche photo (top right) is from the 1952 film. Unfortunately there are no photos of ACs on the film however this (and the same sidecar in the backgound) dates the photo on the AC Owners Club forum of MPL340 as 1952.

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